Twelve Days of Christmas, Six Gifts at a Time

We will take a winter break, roughly parallel to the twelve days of Christmas. (Posting will be light.) Here are six gifts for colleagues and friends, none of which is a partridge:

1. Appreciation for that 80% of your personality that gets things done and is completely successful.

2. A gentle word or two for the 20% that is less effective and powerful.

3. Something luxurious, whether a massage or a box of Bellocq tea. (I’m eyeing the $25 sampler pack.)

4. The ability to laugh at yourself. Is your office a mess? Hang up a sign that melds together ‘chaos’ and ‘order’ in humorous typography.

5. A commitment to listen closely to someone you work with who is upset. The power of the listening ear cannot be overstated in business.

6. A good biography and time to read. (Try Tina Fey’s Bossypants if you haven’t read it already. I’m opting for Grace: A Memoir, about Grace Coddington of Vogue.)

Six more, coming soon.

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