Six More Gifts (and Back to Work)

January second is a bittersweet date. To rest and restore are critical, yet there is a dreary aspect of holiday time, too. It can be exciting to get back to work. Our son keeps asking, “Where is Santa?” while we keep explaining, “Back to the workshop for him, 350-odd days to go til his next deliverable.” Here are six gifts to take to your desk. Here’s hoping your deliverables progress along nicely.

1. Carryover of your charitable giving in 2012.

2. The analogy of the glass ceiling as relates to women gaining leadership positions is well-known. Let’s try another metaphor: the crust that forms at the top of certain companies, making it nearly impossible for Generation X-ers to help reinvent their fields, even with 20 years of experience behind them. In 2013, let’s nibble right through that crust!

3. Something new to nurture. I had two bonsai trees when I lived in Central America for two years. Every single day I took them outside for their daily sun and water.

4. From the fashion files, a new phone case. Make it seasonal.

5. A late winter or early spring getaway. In Boston, March is the month to avoid, due to street mess: oh, sludge!

6. Permission to hack off that low-performing 10 or 15% of your business. Growth through pruning.

Happy New Year!

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