7 Lessons Learned Managing People

  1. People management takes time. Occasional team meetings have to be scheduled into the calendar. Regular or irregular, take your pick.
  2. Subordinates may not be adept at expressing what they want in a direct manner so the manager has to take the time to pull it out of them.
  3. Natural leaders emerge from surprising places so the manager should ask peers to review one another and disclose the most valuable players. The manager cannot always see what others see.
  4. All people hate to be micromanaged.
  5. Micromanagement is a form of exercising control. Some managers may crave control when they sense that subordinates are withholding information.
  6. “Getting back to work” seems like a strategy but it only delays the reckoning.
  7. The more effective strategy is to take the time to have team meetings. If the staff are quite junior, it must be explained to them at such meetings how critical it is that they share information. A manager cannot act if she is not fully informed.

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