Sample Web and Social Strategy

For each social media service below, note the aspirational audience (A), message (M), and sample tactics(T) for marketing Firm X, a professional services company.
A: Warm leads; clients who are just beginning to know Firm X.
M: We can help you with your high-risk problems.
T: Maintain a unique and updated web presence. Post occasional, high quality messages.
A: Those who have hired Firm X previously plus qualified prospects.
M: We can delight your clients or team.
T: Post unique experiences and insights. (One-way communication is expected because people are reluctant to comment on a corporate blog.)
A: Those who benefit from the services of Firm X.
M: We are listening to your comments and needs.
T: Engage with followers (2/3); provide teasers for blog posts (1/3).
A: Existing staff and clientele of Firm X. Future staff.
M: Let’s entertain and be entertained.
T: Post celebration photos. Engage with friends.
Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Tumblr
How would you use these services for your firm?

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