Cabin Fever Interlude

We have been counting the days around here. Six down, two to go. Two adults and one child spending eight days at home during inclement weather with few social events planned. It is not the Battle of Algiers, but it is our humble experience of adversity. How are we getting through it? We invent new games and reintroduce old ones. The grownups take turns with chores and free time. We locate forgotten DVDs on the shelf and watch our child’s face glow across from an enchanting movie on the screen. I rediscover my old passion of baking and work on a white chocolate layer cake for the next day’s birthday party. My husband prepares a special lunch and we have all the time in the world to enjoy it. We have longer discussions and more caring dialogue. We let the child gallop through the rooms, though we wince. We watch more TV than usual in the evenings and talk in the daytime about long-term plans. We are surprised to hear our child asking for carrots and gobbling blanched string beans. The child plays Jingle Bells on a ceramic bowl with a spoon, in perfect rhythm. I open a box of sculptor’s clay. We will endure such unstructured days.

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