Marketing Communications Toolkit

A friend and I are giving a talk soon on the basics of marketing communications. First, we will put the idea of marketing communications in their proper context of building business in professional services. Then, we will attempt to prioritize the list of communications in rough order of importance while giving examples of each type. The sequence is approximate, yet relevant whether working at a new firm, small firm, large firm, or established firm.

Level One: Essentials, or the Core Press Kit
1. Website, which is today’s (fixed) brochure
2. A print-on-demand (customizable) firm brochure
3. Stationery, including business cards, email signature, letterhead & notecards

Level Two: News and Press Releases
4. Project news via e-blast or newsletter
5. New hires at the senior level
6. Firm milestones
Must Have: Mailing List of Clients and Media Contacts

Level Three: Client Development 
7. Holiday cards

Level Four: A Going Concern
8. Focus brochure: market sector or methodology

Level Five: Modern Social Media
9. Blogging
10. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
Must Have: Keyword Strategy

We will probably wrap up with a few statements about lessons learned. We may finish on a note about tying the above items into an annual marketing budget and plan.

One thought on “Marketing Communications Toolkit

  1. No one could do this better than you!

    Biggest thing is of course, to me, is to start with an understanding of what they are trying to communicate and accomplish.

    You know this. Most I find remarkably don’t.

    Beat this idea to a semi-poetic frenzy in this post:

    Marketing matters…

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