Workshop Proposal Fails Despite Alliteration

I found out this week that my proposed workshop for the American Society of Landscape Architects annual meeting and conference this coming November did not make the cut. Here is part of the proposal:

Presentation Title: The Marketing Mix and BD Basics for Generation X
– Learn how marketing and business development are unique for Generation X
– Consider all of the marketing channels that are appropriate for a landscape architect
– Evaluate the marketing options for your particular specialty
– Experience a systematic sales process that feels authentic

Perhaps I was overly enamored with the title (“Mix”, “Basics”, and “Gen X” all have such nice X sounds). In retrospect the title was probably the only good thing about the proposal. The key error I made was a legal one. There really is no good way to talk about generations in the workplace without edging near age discrimination. Here is the dicey paragraph:

Often thought of as the last child born to the large families that grew directly out of the Second World War, Generation X can be challenged when breaking out of manager mode and into a rainmaker mindset. This presentation draws on the firsthand experiences of Boston area l.a. professionals …

The marketing essentials content could be repurposed a hundred ways, of course, so the effort is not truly lost. And surely alliteration inspiration will strike again.

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