Change Agent in Town: Creative Initiatives

Many firms that seek to hire a senior marketing executive are looking for a change agent. The leaders often expect to soon be “taking our marketing to the next level” or acknowledge the deferred maintenance that has occurred to the collateral, website, or other key communications pieces. Here is an excerpt from a current proposal to a highly technical design firm:

“Relentless execution of the day-to-day must be balanced with creative initiatives that set the stage for growth. Based on a first pass at the existing marketing materials, one or more of the following larger initiatives would be considered.

  1. Visual Rebranding. This program makes use of the talents of an outside design firm to carry out a phased rebranding that includes office design (client areas), logo, stationery and business cards, website, and collateral. Doing everything together is more economical and cohesive.
  2. Digital Strategy Overhaul. This initiative brings on a sophisticated web design consultancy to bring modern capabilities to the firm’s website. In-house, a keyword strategy is implemented to connect the firm’s excellent blog to its website and brings engagement data to marketing staff who pass it to sales and business developers. [This program can be carried out separately from the above or wrapped into it.]
  3. Research Training. Creation and development of a comprehensive research program for all three offices, kicked off by an outside consultant. Given the firm’s expertise in highly technical sectors, it’s all the more critical to leverage information we have on clients and their needs to ensure our solutions are relevant and to close deals.

“After carrying out a comprehensive survey, addressing mission critical needs, and gauging relative interest in the above special initiatives (as well as others that emerge), it will be possible to sketch out a marketing plan and budget for the next three years.”

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