5 Great Questions to Kick Off a Proposal Response

1. Great news that we are pursuing this project. I recommend we set up a kickoff meeting right away. How is tomorrow for everyone?
2. I have read the RFP from cover to cover. Which team members’ resumes do we plan to include in this effort?
3. What projects will we feature? Do we need to create any new project sheets?
4. Who will write the approach statement? When will a draft be ready for Marketing?
5. Is there any research I could contribute right away?

“With dictionar…

“With dictionaries, I spend a great deal more time looking up words I know than words I have never heard of — at least ninety-nine to one. The dictionary definitions of words you are trying to replace are far more likely to help you out than a scattershot wad from a thesaurus.”

John McPhee, The New Yorker, April 29, 2013.