Qualifying Leads Quickly and Passionately

How can you get to the heart of the matter quickly and thoroughly when facing a great design opportunity? I wrote about lead qualification for design firms here not too long ago and here I expand the list of questions that are often helpful to bring up — the earlier the better.

1. Is this a transformational opportunity for the client?

2. Is this a transformational opportunity for our firm?

3. Do we have an advocate inside the client organization?

4. Will our portfolio resonate with the client? Which projects, specifically?

5. Can we meet the basic requirements of the RFP, such as the right number of built projects in a certain sector?

6. Do we have the right internal team to bring to the interview? (It’s wise to think thoroughly about roles and responsibilities from the client standpoint early on.)

7. Are the right subconsultants available?

8. Do we have a unique approach or other differentiator given the likely competition?

9. Is there enough lead time to get the proposal done?

10. What would you add to this list?

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