In Brief

Karen Euler (her name sounds like the Houston Oilers) is a marketing and management professional in the Boston area. Through dynamic speeches and workshops, she became known for her insights and trend reports on social media marketing. This work seems to resonate for a wide variety of business owners and executives. All kinds of strategic plans require that we generate and produce our own mobile, global, and social communication.

This journal is simply a repository of anecdotes from daily life that may eventually become part of Karen Euler’s speeches and articles. They are not intended to be particularly motivational in and of themselves!

Ms. Euler’s speaking and lecturing experience includes the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts, Women’s Transportation Seminar, The Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Boston, IFMA, Build Boston (now ABX), National Women in Construction, three committees of the Boston Society of Architects, the Boston Architectural College, and Wentworth Institute.

Please send inquiries privately to kareneuler AT or publicly via Twitter @karen_e. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the journal.

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