Architects are Great Party Guests

Assembling the SMPS Boston interview of Robert Brown, managing director of Perkins+Will, was a formidable feat, due to the many topics we covered in half an hour. As I read and re-read the transcript, I was reminded how likable architects typically are, and that they are often great conversationalists.

Growing up , my parents had friends who were architects, and they have lasted as friends for decades. I have a few, now, too. They are creative of course, and often overflowing with observations on their environment and life.  They are futurists, visionaries, grand schemers, too. Sometimes so fiercely analytical as to be caustic, but usually with a sense of humor that softens the blow. A great dinner party should include a few architects, artists, musicians, writers, and journalists.

Life Sciences Explosion

“We are in a renaissance, a life science explosion. It used to be, if you could do nothing else as an architect interested in academic work, you did a lab. Now our clients who offer lab work are truly the patrons of the arts. They are fighting for extraordinary talent. Lab work can showcase truly creative interior design work while the most dynamic workspace analysis comes from the sciences.”

Words of one of Boston’s top architects. Coming soon in full interview form.